The CHALARIS xylodesign welcomes 2014 with optimism, dynamism and the use thereof reflects this through its new corporate identity!

The January 21, 2014 the company CHALARIS xylodesign presented the new logo. This revision is the first phase of a total configuration activities of new communication strategy of the company, which will be reflected not only through the new corporate identity (logo) and (i) through a series of coordinated actions in all forms and electronic means of communication which uses to display/public image and (ii) through the new strategic synergies of both in Greece and abroad.

The stations of this effort are:

  • set up a new corporate identity
  • complete upgrade content of web page
  • full upgrading of the page of the company on Facebook with content from the most popular site in the world on the developments in the market of design, materials, trends and technology
  • create account in Linkedin with weekly newsfeeds usable content and information for both partners and customers
  • published articles/press releases the company in reputable and popular forms & electronic means such as votre Beaute and
  • activity of the company as a regular member Greek – Italian Commerce
  • the presence in international reports as Salone del Mobile Milano 8/04.13.14
  • the motivation of the company through tools of Google

From 2005 until today the CHALARIS xylodesign is a continuous survey of the developments of the market furniture construction and decoration, materials, trends and technology in order to be able to is always one step ahead of the expectations of its customers and strategic partners. Creates functional and innovative projects of high aesthetics sometimes following the trends of modern design and sometimes creating the same new rules. The concern is always the perfect combination between aesthetics, method design, top quality materials, carefully and consistency in delivery.

The CHALARIS xydesign never ceased to meet the difficult challenges of our times, of customers and partners, continued throughout the life of the moving steadily upwards which today has helped to be able to compete at all stages of the production process, design and customer service, proof to this is the steadily rising clientele and the confidence which show partners, suppliers, and customers in all of their cooperation with the company.
Visit our website and we look forward to meeting you as soon as possible in order to create your own cozy space or the space of your customer.

Contact Details:

  • Dimitrios Chalaris./ t 30 210 976 4378 / m 30 694 51 73 177
  • e / w
  • fb / Ιn ξύλοdesign