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CHALARIS xylodesign® was founded in 2005 by two brothers, namely Dimitrios and Minas Chalaris, both graduates of the public School or Arts and Professions “SIVITANIDIOS”.

The firm operates in furniture making since 2005 and undertakes both the study and the construction of furniture and other specialised works crafted by Wood and Corian, for luxury houses, flats, stores, individual or large businesses offices, for both interior and outdoors design.

Guided by a commitment to family tradition in crafting furniture, along with continuous research in new innovation in technology, primary resources and design, the Chalaris brothers evolved what was one family tradition to a new groundbreaking business idea and developed CHALARIS xylodesign®.

The know-how, constant research for new technologies – primary resources – design trends, our commitment, ethos, loyalty to customer service and synergies with Italian and German Houses for both collaborating and providing materials has led CHALARIS xylodesign to an ever expanding customer base. That includes private customers, large enterprise groups, construction companies, decorator experts and mechanics.

To name a few, CHALARIS xylodesign® has created and installed furniture for:
  • Enterprise Shipping & Trading S.A.
  • Doudessis Coiffure at the Golden Hall
  • MTV music channel
  • Branches of 1FBBank
  • Offices of the Exhibition Centre EXPOATHENS at Anthousa
  • En Plo Cafe at Varkiza
  • Staff Clothes Stores
  • Roccoco Women’s Clothing at Kolonaki
  • Chrysochoeia at Athens, Attica and Mykonos island.

C HALARIS xylodesign®covers all aspects of the production stages, such as study, construction, paint, installation, supervision, after – sales services, refurbishment and moderation. As a result it provides a warranty for quality, robustness, safety and aesthetics for their craft work. Nowadays, based on new infrastructure at the production process and via strategic partnerships with famous European brands it has developed a variety of products, managing to be a step well ahead of anything any client may need or wish.