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The Firm
The Values
Wood and Corian
The Values
1. Superiority
We passionately seek to excel both in our craftwork and in our partnerships.
2. Authenticity
We provide our services with ethos, honesty, integrity and creativity.
We operate in a professional manner, with trustfulness and commitment within each collaboration, in context to agreed deliverables, timelines and within budget.
3. Know-how
We are at a spin for constant research for raw materials, news technologies, trends in decoration, architecture and mechanics.
We listen, we learn, then we create new trends and standards.
4. Quality
We design, we create, we build, we suggest, functional and authentic pieces of arts, featuring great aesthetics in Wood and Corian.
The Vision
As a business we aim to exceed our own standards not just our clients’ aspirations, in a continuous effort to be well ahead of anything our clients and partners may need or dream of.