Kitchen furniture – Kitchen decks – Kitchen cabinet doors

CHALARIS xylodesign® maintains a tradition in building kitchen furniture and continuously designs and develops furniture that feature ergonomic and modern design, primarily made by hand baring warranty of quality by their respective brand and any materials used to make them. We can fit within your space any kitchen furniture you like, whether you choose from one of our sets or any other made by a brand we collaborate with.

Our long experience within the field, our know-how and most importantly our continuous research on new trends, technologies and materials, enable us to creatively combine materials, such as wood, glass, Corian and metal.The vast variety of mechanisms and materials we use in building kitchen furniture are of Italian and German origin and provide a warranty for ergonomics, robustness and top of the range aesthetics.

CHALARIS xylodesign® aims to care and foster spaces that you enjoy to live within and look forward to sharing with family and friends. Our long expertise in setting up kitchens is a warranty for a high quality set of products created by us. A visit to our venue will give you the opportunity to see a showcase of furniture and rooms that are distinguished for their design and art.

Our venue also provides for you a full set of catalogues and sample sets, so you may review and assess any material, colour or artwork. You may choose a kitchen room by CHALARIS xylodesign® to renovate your entire home.

  • Quality construction
  • Specialized expertise