Wood and Corian craftwork

Wooden furniture provide elegance, warmth, prestige and quality of life within homes, offices and stores. Wood may well be the favourable preference and has undoubtedly claimed leading role in architecture and design decoration.
Corian offers a unique, abstract artistic look. It can combine plain and vivid colours and can mix with wood, glass, metal and other materials, providing us the framework within we create beautifully crafted furniture to last through the years.

Η CHALARIS xylodesign® has mastered both materials, wood and Corian, thus creating modern furniture to suit your needs and maintain the excellence and aesthetics in time.
We have a long expertise on special structures and paint – polish that you can ask us any extreme design, colour or technique. Our hand-made craft-work can truly fit your needs and aspirations.
Within our Showcase, you may see and feel the materials, the colours, our designed kitchen sets or security doors, Most importantly we can create a small sample to act as a demonstration of the furniture you need to decorate your space.

We undertake:

  • Flats, houses, luxurious residences, stores, public and private offices. Any space and room both indoors and outdoors (such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and WC, bedrooms, floors and decks).
  • Specials structures made by Wood and Corian or a combination featuring glass and metal materials.

We collaborate with leading Italian brands for:

  • kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • exterior security doors and interior doors