Paint and Polish

Painting and polishing

We craft wood with tender and respect to create what we wish for, not only in design but also in paint and polish finish. We use in-house resources to cater for the process, utilising our experienced staff to deliver impeccably crafted furniture, thus confidently providing a warranty on every stage of production to the last finishing line of every product we deliver.
We have incorporated both painting and polishing to our line of production, hence maintaining a flexibility to suit your needs while assuring that our products will become state-of-art pieces of work.

Moderation, Refurbishing, Maintaining

We utilise a traditional technique and materials that are resilient to time wear and tear and we breath life to furniture that needs to be refurbished.
If you own furniture not fit to use but feel they could use a treat by CHALARIS xylodesign, we can transform your old and wearied furniture to new, so you may keep them for many years to come. You may also change colours to your existing furniture, we may reform them to a new design or even develop a new use for them. You may change your antique furniture to look like new at a low cost.

We undertake:
  • repairs in sofas, arm-chairs and chairs, tables, wall constructions, buffet cabinets etc.
  • refurbishing furniture (lacquers, patinas,polishing,gilding )
  • repairs in reassembling putting furniture to put them back in one piece, carvings on furniture and ecclesiastical products.